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Fujifilm developing Silver Touch Screen

We are moving towards a new world of touch screen. Fujifilm, a name which does not require any further introduction is now venturing into producing silver based touch screen for computers. Apples has been marketing devices with touch screen feature since 2007. PC makers such as DELL, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and ACERS are joining the bandwagon now with the recent introduction of Windows 8.

^ Fujifilm production facility in Greenwood, South Carolina.

Currently, touch screen relies on indium tin oxide, a costly rare material mined as a Zinc by-product. Silver poised a good possibility as a replacement. With years of experience in dealing with silver photographic film technology, Fujifilm are now all out to harnesh the new potential of silver. Fujifilm hopes to use its long history with silver to bring down the cost of these displays and grab a piece of the quickly expanding touch screen market.

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New Video Tells the Story of Silver

The Silver Institute has released a video titled, Silver: The Element of Change, which covers silver’s role in history, science, medicine, industry and finance, from its first mining in Turkey 5,000 years ago to its use in today’s most advanced electronic devices. The video explains how silver has changed the course of people’s lives with its role as a natural bactericide, to the exploration of the New World by Spaniards seeking silver, to modern investors who use silver as part of a diversified financial portfolio.

Silver - The Element of Change

^ Silver - The Element of Change

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Strong February Sales for 2013 American Silver Eagle Coins

February sales of American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins slowed from January but were sharply higher from a year ago.

^ American Silver Eagle Records!
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How Much Is a Serial Number Worth?

The Royal Canadian Mint as well as many other world mints issue their numismatic products with individual serial numbers included on the certificate of authenticity or some portion of the packaging. Particular serial numbers can carry substantial premiums, as evidenced by one recently completed eBay auction.

During 2012, the Royal Canadian Mint produced the final one cent coins for circulation following the decision to discontinue the denomination. The last one million pieces produced had been held back for inclusion within numismatic products.


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Precious Metal Talk together with Sheikh Imran Hosein

Last Saturday, 23rd February, marked another milestone in Rolling Silver’s achievements.  Our founder and CEO Mr KH Lau was invited to share his knowledge on Silver Investing at a Property Investment Club’s Education event, 3rd Crown Jewel Forum entitled: PRECIOUS METALS: Real Money that survives the test of time! featuring Sheik Imran Hosein & KH Lau.

Precious Metal Talk with Sheikh Imran Hosein
^ Thank you for organising the talk. Click here for bigger picture.

Property Crown is now one of the leading property investment network in Malaysia. They held monthly educational programs for their members. At the 3rd Crown Jewel edition, Mr KH Lau were featured as the one of the two speakers.

Sheikh Imran Hosein with Dr Mahathir
^ Sheikh Imran Hosein with Dr Mahathir

The other speaker on that event was, Sheikh Imran Hosein, a prolific Islamic scholar and a distinguished authority in Dinar & Dirham.  His latest book “Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham – Islam and The Future of Money” is widely available in the market today.  Here is a limited edition signed copy.

One of Sheikh's many books
^ Autographed Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham book by Sheikh Imran Hosein‘s latest Gold Dinar & Silver Dirham Collection is very well approved by Sheikh himself.  He is a strong advocate for transaction to be done in real assets. In Islamic teachings, Dinar & Dirham has been used and widely quoted in the Holy Al-Quran.  During his lecture, he also shared about the financial system around the world and the obvious flaws with the FIAT Currency or paper money.

Sheikh Imran Hosein with KH Lau

After a short break in between, KH Lau takes the stage and began his sharing on his humble beginnings into this industry. From writing his first entry into this blog, to setting shop from his home and to becoming one of the leading player in the Precious Metal Bullion market in the country.

KH Lau with his talk
^ KH delivering his talk
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