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Mike Maloney: What is happening to Gold & Silver now

Mike Maloney explanining what is going on with Gold & Silver right now. He said the bull run is not over until the fundamental is over.


Update from Singapore International Coin Fair 2013

The Singapore International Coin Fair (SICF) 2013 ( took place on March 29th – 31st, held at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Level 1 – Hall A, which is located within the world-class Marina Bay Sands integrated resort.  It is organised by Panda America (

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EU dipping hand into Cyprus Depositors Cash in their Banks!

Recent headlines are mainly focused on the potential bailout plan in the Republic of Cyprus, a member state of the European Union. Over 7o% of its 1.1million population is ethnic Greek, maybe that is the reason so often mistaken to be part of another country in financial crisis, Greece.

“The entwinement of Cyprus and Russia, the world’s ninth-biggest economy, makes things complicated. Russia’s banks and companies have $31 billion parked in Cypriot banks, according to estimates by Moody’s Investor Services” – Bloombarg Businessweek

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Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

Here is a good documentary on what causes the financial crisis we are heading to.


Broke: QE4-Ever with USD$85b/month

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday announced they will further do people good by launching the fourth round of Quantitative Easing (“QE4”). They turbo-charged the printing press to run at speed of USD$45 billion a month.

^ Federal Reserve will continue to the economy until problem solve

That’s $85 billion a month

Previously, we have QE3 which open-endedly buys USD$40 billion a month worth of toxic mortgage backed securities. Having both QE3 and QE4 (USD$45 billion/month) running simultaneously, we have Fed flooding the market with USD$85 billion per month.

Running it for just a year will add USD$1.02 trillion of new debt onto its already massive USD$16 trillion national debt.

Only in USA, the “big brother” of all economy has this power to create money out from nothing.

To get out from a grave, stop digging

Fed Reserve is just doing the opposite. Big brother is trying to help US citizen from its graving enonomy by digging into more debt.

The following is the official press statement from Federal Reserve.
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