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Scottsdale President Josh Phair: Physical Silver Demand UNPRECEDENTED

Here is recent an interview with our business partner, Scottsdale Mint President, Mr Josh Phair on the recent Silver price movement.

We have close relationship with Josh Phair himself and is constantly supplying Malaysian with Scottsdale Silver product.


Update from Singapore International Coin Fair 2013

The Singapore International Coin Fair (SICF) 2013 ( took place on March 29th – 31st, held at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Level 1 – Hall A, which is located within the world-class Marina Bay Sands integrated resort.  It is organised by Panda America (

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EU dipping hand into Cyprus Depositors Cash in their Banks!

Recent headlines are mainly focused on the potential bailout plan in the Republic of Cyprus, a member state of the European Union. Over 7o% of its 1.1million population is ethnic Greek, maybe that is the reason so often mistaken to be part of another country in financial crisis, Greece.

“The entwinement of Cyprus and Russia, the world’s ninth-biggest economy, makes things complicated. Russia’s banks and companies have $31 billion parked in Cypriot banks, according to estimates by Moody’s Investor Services” – Bloombarg Businessweek

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Value Pack for Canadian Maples and American Eagles is now offering value pack for the popular Canadian Maples and American Eagle 1oz silver coins.

Buy Silver Malaysia Amercian Eagle Silver Coin
^ Value pack for 3 x American Eagles 1 oz silver coins.

Each American Eagles value pack comes with 3 American Eagles 1oz silver bullion coin with 3 holders of preferences (cost varies for each holder) plus a complimentary gift casing. A great value pack for any investor looking for value eagles. The see-through crystal casing adds beauty to the coin making it a great all-ocasion gift.

Click here to order: Value Pack: 3 x American Eagle 1oz Silver Coin.

Buy Silver Malaysia Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin
^ Value pack for 5 x Canadian Maple Leafs 1 oz silver coins. also offer value pack for the popular Canadian Maple Leafs. Every Maple Leaf value pack comes with 5 Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz silver bullion coin with 5 holders of preferences (cost varies for each holder). Investor has the option to buy five imported air-tight capsules for only RM1.00 each.

Click here to order: Value Pack: 5 x Canada Maple Leaf 1oz Silver Coin.

All value pack pricing are pegged with the latest silver spot pricing.


Cara Membersihkan Koin Perak atau Dirham yang Kusam

Recently, an Indonesia blog on silver – translated one of my previous writing back in September 2011 on how to clean your tarnished silver. Here is the translated version in Bahasa Indonesia 🙂

Punya Koin Perak 999 atau Koin Dirham tapi udah agak kusam atau ada spot putih? Jangan khawatir, ada cara mudah dan cepat supaya koin kinclong lagi. Cekidot!! 😀

^ Koin Perak 9999 “Canadian Timber Wolf” yang kusam. Tapi!! Masih berharga senilai Rp 600.000,-

Tips ini mirip dengan cara memasak 😀 . Kita butuh 3 Bahan:


1. Baking Soda
2. Aluminum Foil
3. Air Panas
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