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Quick Bite: Turbulence 28

^ Morning Monday with silver Spot $USD28.x per ounce

Sorry for lack of updates on this blog. With the recent sinking silver price, work on has now trippled. Last Friday, when at one point silver price dipped down to USD$28.50, new orders flocked into our webstore. We have shipped out so many orders, even our vinyl flips and Saflips are running low in stock.

Meanwhile, below are few good articles on the recent turbulence: Can you spot the Bubble(s)? Silver’s Third Correction, how Low the Metal will Go? Gold Logs 2nd Straight Weekly Loss, American Eagle Coins Mixed

We will be right back on updating this blog once the market cools down.


Mike Maloney: I’m Buying The Inverse Head & Shoulders

A recent video from Mike Maloney’s Insider Report which he shared his view on the recent price drop.


Rolling Silver: Our Story So Far

Rolling SilverRolling Silver is a young company which we run within family members since July 2011. Today, Rolling Silver runs two major websites – (ISM) and (BSM).
is this blog, which we blog about precious metals, fiat currencies and the worsening economy. is the official distributor for Scottsdale Silver in Malaysia since August 2011.

Our first posting was dated back in July 2011.

Hello world!
^’s first posting – Hello world!

Along this posting, we have a total of 105 articles with topic ranges from precious metals to inflations to world economy. Readerships grew from only a close circle of friends and relatives to a good 100+ unique visitors per day and it is still growing. 90% of readers are from Malaysia with 66.5% of them are based in Klang Valley. Visitors Statistic
^ enjoys good traffic of readership.

It is a fantastic result to us as no fund was invested in any marketing activities for this blog. Potential sponsors from related fields have approached us with various opportunities. We are currently examining each opportunity in depth. We thank you for all the supportive comments on the work we have done in spreading the knowledge of precious metals.

Numerous readers from this blog have came forward to meet us in person to exchange views. Many shared the same concern over the crippling economy. Many of them are successful business owners in various fields. Many of them liked coffee.
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India’s Love Affair with Gold

India is now one of the fastest growing country on earth and also the world’s biggest consumer of gold. In India, gold is the symbol of wealth, status as well as worship to God. They even have a special day annualy to buy gold.

60 Minutes: India's Love Affair with Gold
^ 60 minutes’ documentary on India’s tradition on Gold.

“No gold, no wedding”.

Almost half of the gold that Indians buy each year is jewelry bought for a wedding. “No gold, no wedding” is a famous saying dated as old as the culture itself. CBS 60 Minutes have an intensive coverage on this topic which caught my attention. It is an eyes opening documentary which explains the number of goldsmith we have in Brickfields and Jalan Masjid Jamek.

You can read up here:

-or watch the 12 minutes documentary at this link: